Glossary of terms, acronyms and definitions


Intelligent Video Analytics

An advanced and innovative system that optimizes the functions of security video camera systems.

Licence plate recognition (LPR)

The automatic licence plate recognition provided by Tempos Analytics software allows an advanced vehicle access control and management.

Sensor integration and video verification

Any event generated by an Optex IP sensor can be transmitted to an Alarm Receiving Centre (A.R.C.) along with a video clip. Other brands’ sensors can also be supported by TEMPOS video verification, making use of one of the available I/O modules (IP or USB) and activating the video analysis at the time of detection.

CCTV surveillance

Closed Circuit Television or CCTV is a video surveillance technology designed to monitor different environments and activities.

Perimeter security

The protection of a physical perimeter is achieved through the integration of electronic or mechanical elements and systems, which normally include surveillance cameras and can be optimised using Tempos Analytics software solutions.


Set of physical components of which the equipment is composed.

ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre)

The Alarm Receiving Centre or Monitoring Centre is a centre that receives and monitors the signals emitted by the security alarms.

Environmental learning

This function enables the setting of the checking frequency of the environmental values and models for each camera.

Depth of field

Being able to choose the depth of field level allows you to define the size of the object while moving within an area of interest in order to improve intruder detection.

ROI (Region of interest)

Delimited area of interest for excluding areas where we do not want the analysis to be active, facilitating automatic detections and visual monitoring.

VMS (Video Management Software)

The Video Management System or Software (VMS) manages all the information captured by the devices and cameras in a surveillance system. This software can also handle video analysis, as well as manage additional devices such as alarms.

One of the advantages of TEMPOS ANALYTICS solutions is that they easily integrate with the main VMS on the market to create a centralized and complete control interface.


CIF (Common Intermediate Format)
A standard digital video format that defines video sequences of 29,97 frames per second, with a 352x288px resolution for each one. The image defined under these parameters is obtained when the aspect ratio is 4:3.
4CIF (4xCIF)

A standard digital video format with a 704x756px resolution.

HD (High Definition)

HD Video Analytics

A high definition format of 720p (progressive scan) with a resolution of 720x1280px.

SR (Short Range):

Short distances Tempos Analytics

Short distances: for approximate maximum distances of:

  • 91m for a person of a height of 1,8m
  • 60m for a person of a height of 1,5m
  • 45m for a crawling person (0,45m)
LR (Long Range)

Distancias largas

For long distances with approximate maximum values of:

  • 145m for a person of a height of 1,8m
  • 110m for a person of a height of 1,5m
  • 73m for a crawling person (0,45m)
TH (Thermal)

Thermal cameras

For Thermal cameras. The approximate maximum distances are:

  • 529m for a person of a height of 1,8m
  • 281m for a person of a height of 1,5m
  • 93m for a crawling person (0,45m)

Dual cameras for intrusion detection

For Dual cameras: The analysis is done on the thermal image and the evidence is shown on the visible image. The maximum distance is 75m for a person of approximate height of 1,8m.

2V (Videoverification with OPTEX sensors)

Videoverificación de sensores OPTEX

For maximum protection situations and critical installations, we offer our products integrated with OPTEX sensors.

An initial detection is performed by a sensor and analysis is automatically activated to verify via video the event that has generated the alarm or sensor activation. 

2D (Videoverification and double detection through Optex sensors)

  Videoverificación y doble detección de sensores OPTEX.

A redundant solution for critical or strategic installations with extreme security needs. The sensor and video analytics work in parallel as follows:

– If the sensor detects a possible threat, the video analytics verifies the object that caused the alarm.

– If detection is done by analytics, the alarm is sent according to established protocols, regardless the sensor.

– If the detection is done by both, the sensor and video analysis, both alarms are sent.


PRO Famliy for Video analysis by Tempos Analytics

A family of licences that Tempos Analytics provides in compact mini-PC format.


Industrial compact format hardware for video analysis

A family of licences provided by Tempos Analytics in compact industrial format.


SRV Family Video analysis - Tempos Analytics

A family of licences provided by Tempos Analytics in 1U rack-mountable server format.

LPR-S (Licence plate recognition - Stopped or Slow speed)

LPR licences for stopped or up to 30km/h moving vehicles

LPR licences for stopped vehicles or for vehicles in motion at speeds of up to 30 km/h.

LPR-M (Licence plate recognition - in Motion)

LPR licenses for vehicles with a speed of up to 80Km/h

LPR licences for vehicles in motion with a speed of up to 80Km/h.


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