Compatible with visible and thermal cameras

Interaction with the detectors of your perimeter protection system

Different hardware formats

Easily expandable through licencing system

Integration with major CMS management programs

No ActiveX installation required

Secure remote access from any web browser

Optimized Linux OS

Combination of licences

Dynalight Technology

Our intelligent video analysis solutions, based on high-performance software and available in various hardware formats, are adapted to different installation requirements and functional needs.

This real-time video analysis software is perfect for both Perimeter Security Detection and Licence Plate Recognition in stopped or in motion vehicles. It combines, therefore, the simplicity of configuration with powerful algorithms aimed at reducing false alarms and intelligent detection, compatible with visible, thermal and dual cameras as well as with the main VMS on the market.

Among the many features of TEMPOS ANALYTICS, we can highlight the detection and tracking of objects in real time, the optimization of video monitoring, automatic licence plate recognition and vehicle access control, as well as the ability to integrate with existing systems and devices.

We invite you to discover what is the advantages that really sets us apart from other brands.